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Hundreds of companies at Turkey, USA, France, Italy, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Angola, Cyprus and Iraq are expanding its work with rateltech quality.

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Our Work

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Web Designing

In 2015, our company was founded for web design services. The sites we have developed in this area have become their brand faces or income sources.

Personal Brand Work

We design personal websites for photographers, directors, corporate executives and politicians.

Digital Marketing

Do you want to advertise on Google, You Tube, Facebook and Instagram and want to reach your customers?
You’re at the right place.
Since 2015, RatelTech is one of the most experienced digital advertising agencies in Europe and North America with its digital media experience.

Mobile Games

This sector, which we entered in 2019, is an exciting and dynamic area for us. It is a great pleasure for us to play games for Android and IOS with thousands of people.

Web Based Software

We find web-based solutions for companies in the areas of document management, vehicle tracking and project management.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications for corporate and commercial needs of companies. With these apps, their working lives become easier and their profitability increases.

Technical Support and Training

While delivering the software and websites we prepare, we provide management panel usage training. However, during our support periods, we are at your side with all the problems that may occur.

Smiling Face Service

We do our best to serve you without stress, without making it difficult, with a smiling face.

and more...

Our company is an R & D company located in Teknopark Izmir. Since our foundation, we have done successful works with R & D projects in different areas every year.

You have an idea, but do you have the technical know-how to implement it? Contact us without hesitation. With our confidentiality agreements, your opinion is maintained and the process continues with confidence.

We evaluate software projects in this category for at least six months time intervals.
These projects may be a new software that comes to your mind, or a software that has been made similar before.

Electronic projects include business ideas where software and hardware work together. If you are lacking only in the software field of these projects, we can do the software, as well as software and hardware can do.

You're not the only ones safe.excited.

We serve over 300 active customers in 3 continents and 7 countries.

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