Author - Ratel Haber

Apple Rejects CoronaVirus App on AppStore

Apple rejects all app reviews except government organizations about Covid-19. We found in our review that your app related to the COVID-19 pandemic provides healthcare services or requires sensitive user information. In addition, the seller and company names associated with your app are not from a recognized institution, such as a governmental entity, hospital, insurance...

About PlutoX (Unbreakable!) Drone

While researching the drone that we will use for our autonomous drone project, we encountered a product on indiegogo website. According to the definition on the site, their drone contained special materials developed with nano technology. It was written that these special materials had unbreakable properties. In fact, they stressed this by saying if...

Godaddy: You’ve reached or exceeded your resource limits. (SOLVED)

If you get this error: 508 Resource limit is reached! You’ve reached or exceeded your resource limits. You did a great mistake, when you choose GoDaddy as a hosting provider because they never support you when your website under DDoS attack. Solving is simple; Go to RatelTech Hosting page, buy a hosting package and RatelTech technical service will transfer...

550 Error Code in Mail

When someone try to send a mail from gmail to your webmail, if they see this error, there are several causes for this error. 550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client. []:44894 is not permitted to relay through this server without authentication. SPF record can be missed or wrong. Add spf record in...

Proven to use the third arm of the human brain

In an experiment conducted by Japanese scientists, there was a third arm where volunteers could control through their brainwaves. In the experiment in which the human brain can use 3 branches at the same time, scientists have been able to control the robot from voluntary participants with their own arms simultaneously. He asked him to...

Best WordPress Themes of 2018

1- Jevelin Live Preview: Purchase: 2- Emphaty Live Preview: ve Purchase: 3- Minimable Live Preview: Purchase:

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